International Education City - IEC Quang Ngai is the Vietnam’s first education city of its kind erected by Nguyen Hoang Group, equipped with comprehensive learning programs including high quality for international integration, bilingual international and fully international. IEC Quang Ngai is blessed with the finest of facilities and studying conveniences for grades from kindergarten to 12 under NHG’s system including SGA, iSchool, UKA and SNA.

Natural ecology

  • 70% is covered by green ground
  • 20+ species of beautiful trees creating a colorful environment all year round
  • 50+ species of plants in the urban farm

Sports and physical education

  • 10+: the number of sports areas following international standards
  • 1,800 seating capacity gymasium
  • 10 lane Olympic swimming pool
  • 16,600 m2 of outdoor sports field area

Engineering and experimental science

  • The 1st and only educational environment in Vietnam having an urban farm
  • 5+ functional rooms, including: laboratory, robocon room and STEM room
  • 35+ activities and events to explore the sciences each year


  • 1,000 accommodations in the modern dormitory
  • 7,000 meal capacity of the kitchen
  • 3 commitments: friendliness – security – safety

Music and Culture

  • 10+ kinds of musical instruments equipped in the music rooms.
  • 20+ functional rooms, including: activity area; cinema; library; theatre; etc.
  • 5,000 books in the library and on the street of library – bookstores
  • 67,640 m2 of open area
  • 54 m2: average class size
  • 100% of art room is filled with light and inspiring designs

Humanities and communication

  • 50 statues in the 7 statue gardens about scientists; educators; artists; etc.
  • 1 hall of fame leading to Van Xuong tower, which honors intelligence and success
  • 10+ community space, exhibition and outdoor learning pavilion


Saigon Academy international kindergarten - SGA

SGA is a pioneer in early education from the age 0 in order to activate cognative ability and explore the intellectual potential of children. The program is taught in both Vietnamese and English.

iSchool international integration school - iSchool

iSchool provides training from grade 1 to grade 12, following the program of Vietnam Ministry of Education & Training (MoET) and the advanced English program of Cambridge with ITL © methods.

UK Academy international bilingual school - UKA

UKA provides the training from grade 1 to grade 12 in a British environment. The training program is combined from the program of Vietnam Ministry of Education & Training (MoET), English program of Cambridge and the pre-university program of NCUK.

The International Schools of North America - SNA

SNA provides training from grade 1 to grade 12, following the program of PYP - America for elementary students, the common core (the USA) program for the high school students. The medium of communication at SNA is 100% English.


Become the leading education ecosystem based upon intrinsic traditional values of Vietnam and worldwide latest innovations


Provide an international, comprehensive education environment, contributing to the training of Vietnam’s younger generation to become a humane, broad-ranging global citizens.



Maul Cecilia Thao Nguyen

UKA's student

Học ở UK Academy rất vui, em cảm thấy được sự gần gũi của các bạn, anh chị và thầy cô. Em ấn tượng nhất là các hoạt động mà nhà trường tổ chức vì nó có nhiều điều mới lạ.

Teacher Kate Louis Bittle

SNA's teacher

I have been teaching at SNA for three years. The students, teachers, administration, parents at SNA and NHG all work extremely hard to create the best learning atmosphere for the students. This is the reason why I love my profession.

Teacher Kenneth Shane M.Cuevas

iSchool's teacher

Sư tiến bộ về ngoại ngữ của các em học sinh, thông qua việc giao tiếp với tôi sau các buổi học và thậm chí là chào hỏi khi gặp tôi, là món quà quý giá nhất mà tôi nhận được trong suốt thời gian giảng dạy tại iSchool.

Teacher Marjan Kasraei

SNA's teacher

Not only the experience I have gained here so far is invaluable making me enjoy the moment of working but also I have learnt here what it means to be a school focusing on the same vision which is prepare the ground for every single student’s academic and life success.

McKayla Thao Tran

SNA's former student

I felt so lucky when I spent my high school life at SNA. I had fun with my friends and valuable experiences with my teachers.


Early birds scholarship

- Completing the main course of 1 time 1 year study before August 15th, 2019 will be supported up to 50% of tuition.


Investment package for tuition

- Attractive 5-year, 6-year, 12-year investment packages with 0% interest installment policy for 144 months and up to 70% savings (completing the main course  before June 30th, 2019).

- Parents are refunded 100% of the value after the end of the investment package period. 


Please contact the Hotline or leave information for detailed advice.

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Scholarship up to 70%





IEC welcomes highly-qualified and certified K-12 teachers. In addition, specialized teachers of the arts, physical education, ICT, STEM are encouraged to apply. Successful educators at IEC are committed to building an innovative learning and teaching environment and demonstrating continual passion for making a difference in the lives of our students.


IEC is committed to building a highly-caliber administration team for central administrative office, including admissions and marketing, accounting, human resources, facilities and dormitory supervision, education quality assurance, library and media, school counseling. We provide comprehensive professional development programs for all levels of staff members.


Saigon Academy (SGA) - International Kindergarten System

iSCHOOL: K-12 International Integrated School System

United kingdom Academy (UKA): K-12 British International Bilingual school System

International Schools of North America (SNA): K-12 America International school System

iStudent Institute for International relations and Study Abroad

Gia Dinh University (GDU)

Baria - Vungtau University (BVU)

Hoa Sen University (HSU)

Hong Bang International University (HIU)

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British Consulate General

British Council

The State University of New York (SUNY)

Microsoft Corporation

American Scholar Group (ASG)

Cambridge University Press


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