Bishop Matthew Nguyen Van Khoi visited and blessed IEC Quang Ngai

On July 1st, the Reverend Father Matthew Nguyen Van Khoi, Bishop of Quy Nhon diocese and the priests of Quy Nhon diocese, Quang Ngai diocese, HCMC Catholic Academy and the nuns of Quy Nhon, the parish council and the Quang Ngai parish choir visited and blessed the International Education City - IEC Quang Ngai.

Attending the meeting and the mass, there were the board of directors of Nguyen Hoang Group and nearly 100 staffs of IEC Quang Ngai.

Bishop Matthew shared: “It is glad to know that Nguyen Hoang Group has built this modern learning environment to serve the education in the locality as well as the Central region of Vietnam. I suppose that thanks to this environment, IEC Quang Ngai's human training is more and more develop. This is also the way we contribute to the government, the society, together to build a growing Vietnam, regardless of religion".

The bishop also consecrated with the fathers and nuns, together with the whole community to instruct teachers to fulfill their duties well; for students who are always try their best to become good people, contributing to build a civilized and prosperous society.

At the same time, the mass also blessed for all people and activities in the International Education City - IEC Quang Ngai to all learn together, cultivate the Humane values and know how to serve each other in a great love.

The mass organized at IEC Quang Ngai.

The bishop and fathers blessing teachers, students and staff in IEC Quang Ngai.