International Education City - IEC Quang Ngai is Vietnam’s first education city of its kind erected by Nguyen Hoang Group, equipped with comprehensive learning programs including high quality for international integration & bilingual international. IEC Quang Ngai is blessed with the finest of facilities and studying conveniences for grades from kindergarten to 12, under NHG’s system includes SGA, iSchool & UKA.

Natural Ecosystem

  • 70% green area
  • 20+ types of beautiful trees creates color all year around


  • Over 10 international-standard sports complexes
  • 1600 seat capacity: Multi-purpose sports hall
  • Olympic-size swimming pool with 10 lanes
  • 16.600 sqm outdoor competition area


  • 1st education environment having High-tech agricultural section
  • Over 5 functional areas including: laboratory, robocon & creative STEM spaces
  • Over 35 discovery activities and science events every year


  • Over 1000-person capacity
  • 7.000 meal capacity: canteen
  • 3 commitments: friendly - security - safe

Music and Culture

  • Over 10 types of musical instruments provided in music rooms.
  • Over 20 public spaces, screening facility, library and theatres
  • Over 5000 books in the library and Library Street with bookstore


  • Over 70.000 sqm of open space
  • 100% drawing rooms with natural light and highly inspiring decoration.


  • 50 statues in the 7 statue gardens about scientists; educators; artists; etc.
  • A walk of fame engraving names of the predecessors.
  • Van Xuong Tower to glorify intellectual and prosperity.


Saigon Academy international kindergarten - SGA

SGA is a pioneer in early education from the age 0 in order to activate cognative ability and explore the intellectual potential of children. The program is taught in both Vietnamese and English.

iSchool international integration school - iSchool

iSchool provides training from grade 1 to grade 12, following the program of Vietnam Ministry of Education & Training (MoET) and the advanced English program of Cambridge with ITL © methods.

UK Academy international bilingual school - UKA

UKA provides the training from grade 1 to grade 12 in a British environment. The training program is combined from the program of Vietnam Ministry of Education & Training (MoET), English program of Cambridge and the pre-university program of NCUK.


Become the leading education ecosystem based upon intrinsic traditional values of Vietnam and worldwide latest innovations


Provide an international, comprehensive education environment, contributing to the training of Vietnam’s younger generation to become a humane, broad-ranging global citizens.



Vu Le Chau Anh

iSchool's student

After experiencing the learning journey at iSchool - IEC Quang Ngai, I realized many interesting things here. People often compare time as a river drifting, it goes on forever without a stop. And my love for my school will also never fade with time.I also silently thank the teachers and administrators for their best efforts to help us conquer our dreams. And thank you for being ready to be my companion in the upcoming school year. I promise I will try my best to study well to become a perfect global citizen with both virtue and talent.

Teacher Le Thach Long

UKA's teacher

UK Academy has truly been my second home for all the way through, handing me the chance to explore the potential of many students who have not started well as well as develop the outstanding students' abilities, thereby lending wing to their dreams. This journey has been fantastic as I can spread the positive inspiration and arouse their love for the very language, because the way I inspire myself is also the way I am inspiring them on a daily basis, always. Thanks for having me as a member in NHG family. Thanks for such an amazing educational environment.

Teacher Bui Thi My Dung

SGA's teacher

I feel happy and proud to be a teacher of SGA-IEC, Quang Ngai under NHG system with the 5H philosophy “Human education starts from the heart” has helped me to have more motivation to continue on the path of education to pursue the dream of becoming a raiser, helping students to better understand the value of life. One thing is for sure that every day I go to work is very happy because I meet my children (my little angels) and my colleagues.

Nguyen Quang Anh

SGA's student

Hello, I’m a student of Kindy 5.1, Saigon Academy International School. I feel very happy to go to school. Every school day is a happy day, teachers always love and teach me interesting and new things. In SGA, we are a family, the teachers are always here for us.

Teacher Pham Thi Kim Oanh

UKA's teacher

For me, teaching is not only a profession, it is also a mission. What we give is not just knowledge, but the creation of a human being. I would like to thank Nguyen Hoang Group for providing me the opportunity and condition to be able to realize my mission in the best way.

Teacher Vo Thi Kim Hoa

SGA's teacher

I feel happy and proud to be a teacher of SGA-Iec, Quang Ngai under NHG system. Happy to work in a passionate educational environment, every day working is a joy, an opportunity for me to learn and pursue my dream of becoming a teacher. This is a humane, enthusiastic working environment.

Vo Thao Van

UKA's student

A year studying at UKA - IEC Quang Ngai, though not long, is enough to leave me with many unforgettable emotions. My teachers have given me many opportunities to discover myself, help me to be confident and learn many things. For me, UKA is my second home, every school day is a happy day. I hope that UKA - IEC Quang Ngai will always develop to bring students to the brink of knowledge.

Teacher Vo Thi Nhu Trang

iSchool's teacher

iSchool - IEC Quang Ngai is a wonderful school. I have learnt and experienced many new things working here at this school. This school has helped to connect enthusiactic people together under a cosy home - iSchool.

Teacher Nguyen Hoang Vi

iSchool's teacher

This is my second year at iEC Quang Ngai to carry out my "cultivating people" mission as a teacher. I'm one of the teachers who has been with the school since the early days, so I can see the great efforts that every member of the school has made as well as feel the love among the members of our big family-iSchool. And I truly believe that all these things will be a motivation for me to be able to accomplish my mission of cultivating people.


Early birds scholarship

- Completing the main course of 1 time 1 year study before June 30th, 2021 will be supported up to 30% of tuition.

Investment package for tuition

- Attractive 5-year, 6-year, 12-year investment packages with 0% interest installment policy for 144 months and up to 50% savings (completing the main course  before June 30th, 2020).

- Parents are refunded 100% of the value after the end of the investment package period. 

Please contact the Hotline: 0255 730 1188 or leave information for detailed advice.

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Scholarship up to 50%





IEC welcomes highly-qualified and certified K-12 teachers. In addition, specialized teachers of the arts, physical education, ICT, STEM are encouraged to apply. Successful educators at IEC are committed to building an innovative learning and teaching environment and demonstrating continual passion for making a difference in the lives of our students.


IEC is committed to building a highly-caliber administration team for central administrative office, including admissions and marketing, accounting, human resources, facilities and dormitory supervision, education quality assurance, library and media, school counseling. We provide comprehensive professional development programs for all levels of staff members.


Saigon Academy (SGA) - International Kindergarten System

iSCHOOL: K-12 International Integrated School System

United kingdom Academy (UKA): K-12 British International Bilingual school System

International Schools of North America (SNA): K-12 America International school System

Gia Dinh University (GDU)

Baria - Vungtau University (BVU)

Hoa Sen University (HSU)

Hong Bang International University (HIU)

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British Consulate General

British Council

The State University of New York (SUNY)

Microsoft Corporation

American Scholar Group (ASG)

Cambridge University Press


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