International Education City IEC is Vietnam’s first education city of its kind erected by Nguyen Hoang Group, equipped with comprehensive learning programs including high quality for international integration, bilingual international and fully international.

IEC Quang Ngai is blessed with the finest of facilities and studying conveniences from grades kindergarten to 12 under NHG’s system including SGA, iSchool, UKA and SNA.

IEC is a strong passport into the future, a concrete first step for our children to become global citizens with mind - intelligence - ability.


Become the leading education ecosystem based upon intrinsic traditional values of Vietnam and worldwide latest innovations


Provide an international, comprehensive education environment, contributing to the training of Vietnam’s younger generation to become a humane, broad-ranging global citizens.



- Head: Love and generosity

- Heart: Intelligence and wisdom

- Hand: Outstanding skills

- Health: Powerful energy

- Human: Well-rounded people with fully developed mind - intelligence - ability.


All parents wish to grant their children only the best of offerings and successes. Successes are not only measured by the status obtained, reputation gained but also by the amount of confidence and maturity that their children will develop in themselves and become ones fully possessing a mind - intelligence - ability.

The key matter is the children can be happy, be able to live and grow in a natural, unhinged manner, as well as become fully equipped in order to face the fast changing world. An education with a humane philosophy embraces the growth of individual qualities and values. It is the ultimate choice, one that satisfies everything parents look for in their children.

Additionally, the philosophy will help the children to improve themselves while accumulating additional living values and developing a beautiful personality, becoming a happy human being.

“Subject your child, therefore, only to a dependence on circumstances; you will then follow the order of nature in the progress of his education." - J. J. Rousseau


Through 20 years of development (1999-2019), Nguyen Hoang became an education group with many schools, universities and member companies.

By placing people at the center of life, NHG has invested with enthusiasm, creating a complete international education ecosystem from kindergarten to PhD., from international integration model, international bilingual model to complete international model, including 50 campuses in 18 provinces and cities, with more than 65,000 students and more than 3,000 employees.

Respect and love of people, strong and consistent in determination, financial transparency, professional in management and training, NHG proves that, thanks to education, a developing country like Vietnam will not only step into the global community confidently, but also reach out strongly in a future based on education.

Across 20 years of development, Nguyen Hoang Group (NHG) has been in pursuit of their ambitions to nourish and embrace fully developed personalities – who always reach toward spiritual heights, operate upon altruism and capable of being the captain of their own lives. With that in mind, the International Education City (IEC) – an all inclusive education ecosystem – has been born into existence bearing the aims, with their heart and determination, to allow for the individuals’ optimal growth all the while based upon the foundations of love and other humane values. At IEC, the children are not only exposed to experiences themselves, but also “live” in an international, multi-cultural environment. And thus they become a generation of global citizens ready to adapt to all transformative changes.

Growing up at IEC is the journey to become a virtuous (knowing how to love, respect, support and sacrifice), humane (wise, fair, courageous and moderate) person. One day, the eaglet will fully grow their feathers in all aspects (with nature, with other human beings and with themselves), self-assuredly spreading their wings and yet remaining in the righteous direction. And by that time, they will all be happy!

With all our hearts, NHG hopes and believes that the future global citizens graduating from IEC will together contribute to society and be responsible for the world outside. Will you be on board with us, sailing towards the great open sea?

Ms. Hoang Nguyen Thu Thao
(CEO, Nguyen Hoang Group)

IEC Quang Ngai is a complete, thorough and modern education-ecosystem based upon international education standards. Here, the key relationships in education are ushered to materialize: those between education goals with conditions in which can be achieved; those between the students’ demands and the “city’s” provisions, in which students are free to select their curriculum, sports, music, arts, corresponding to their gifts, preferences in order to learn, train, live and care for their health.

IEC Quang Ngai is blessed with all the conditions to execute a philosophy of Humane – Liberal – All-inclusive education. Students growing up in IEC Quang Ngai will have all the confidence to maximize their unique individual traits based upon unison, acceptance and sharing.

A look into our facilities reveals our efforts in establishing a creative and active architectural space; deep cultural cityscape; a diversity across sports types, arts and education; appealing and attractive environment. A look into staff members shows that NHG has rallied a collective consisting of educational managers and teachers from Vietnam and overseas who are highly competent and devoted.

I do hope that IEC will become an ideal destination for learning, providing an international and modern learning environment while contributing our share of hands to the process of training young generations to become all-embracing global citizens.

Ms. Deborah L. Radel
(Principal of International Program at IEC Quang Ngai)

Dear Parents, Grandparents and Students,

Firstly, on behalf of all the teachers and employees of IEC Quang Ngai, we are very excited to have this historic opportunity to provide students of all ages a truly international caliber education which will be centered in Quang Ngai.

With four different and distinct educational brands within the IEC Quang Ngai complex, parents and family members will be able to choose for their children the most appropriate educational opportunity from kindergarten programming to high school programming.

In addition to the highest caliber of educational programming available, IEC Quang Ngai will be physically housed in world-class architectural facilities. Students, of all ages, will have available for their use, dormitories, libraries, swimming facilities, bookstores, gyms, tennis courts, hospital, outdoor athletic fields, botanical gardens, golf course, theater, and cinema.

The blending of outstanding educational opportunities with cutting-edge architectural facilities will make IEC Quang Ngai the premier all-inclusive academic facility in Vietnam.

All of our teachers and employees at IEC Quang Ngai stand ready to prepare your children for the challenges that they will face in their future lives.

Mr. Nguyen Tan Canh
(Deputy General Principal of the International Education City – IEC Quang Ngai)


Dr. Do Manh Cuong

Deputy CEO, K-12 academic affairs - NHG

Dr. Do Manh Cuong has more than 9 years in the position of director of research and development at the Institute for Professional Education and over 13 years of teaching and management at the Ho Chi Minh City Pedagogical University.

Dr. Vu Thi Phuong Anh

Director of Education Quality Assurance NHG

Dr. Vu Thi Phuong Anh started teaching in 1983 and has held many management positions in universities. She has held the position of director of the Center for Testing and Quality Assessment of the National University of HCMC, and is currently a member of the executive board of the Viet Tesol Association.

Mr. Alexander Ricardo Hoyte – Master of Arts

General Principal of the system of UK Academy (UKA)

A post-graduate from Cardiff University in 2012, Mr. Alexander Ricardo Hoyte developed his knowledge and experience of psychological and sociological disciplines with regards to human cognitive development, pedagogy, child development.

Ms. Ma My Loan

General Principal of the system of Saigon Academy kindergarten (SGA)

Ms. Ma My Loan has over 10 years of experience in the field of early childhood education.

Dr. Nguyen Thi Quynh Lam


Dr. Lam is the representative and Schools Relationship Officer for the International Baccalaureate in Vietnam.

Ms. Deborah L. Radel

Principal of International Program at IEC Quang Ngai

Ms. Deborah has over 25 years of training, teaching students and young adult in both America and Vietnamese. She finished her Program of Teaching for Understanding from Harvard University in 2016.


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