- The boarding fee including meals, accommodation (from Monday to Sunday) monthly and depends on the type of room (4 beds, 6 beds, 8 beds, 12 beds) staying from Monday to Sunday

- The day-boarder fee including lunch-meals, afternoon-snack. Price of day-boarder fee changes according to each school at IEC due to the ration of each meal.

- Percentage of tuition reduction / scholarship for parents who pay once a year is maintained for the duration of studying at IEC. This reduction rate is calculated on the listed tuition fee at each time

- Yes, of course. It is on the list of payment options. Paying tuition fee, day-boarder fee/boarding fee, other fees (if any)

- If parents pay one-time tuition fee for multiple years of study (2, 3, 4, 5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12 years) when they leave the school before the expiration date, refundation is calculated based on the total amount divided by the number of paid years then multiplied by the remainder of paid years (refund is rounded down) minus other fees (if any) that the student has at that time.

- This policy is applied for who has paid one-time tuition fee from 1 year and above. But it’s not applicable for summer camp program except its cancellation from the school

- Parents must submit a written request to the school at least 30 days before students drop out (Admission Office)

- Reimbursement fee are defined as follow:

   + 1st unit of study (before 15 Aug 2019): 60%

   + 2nd unit of study (from 01 Oct 2019 to 15 Oct 2019): 40%

   + 3rd unit of study (from 15 Dec 2019 to 31 Dec 2019): 20%

   + 4th unit of study (From 01 Jan 2020 onward): 0%

- If students applies for temporary leave (at least 1 unit of study), the main course fee, boarding fee, residential fee and shuttle bus fee will be reserved for up to 1 year.

- Parents must submit a written request to the school at least 30 days before leaving (Admission Office)

- The above reserve fee are the amount paid for the remaining months of the units and will be reserved for the following month in case student leave school during the month.

- After the reservation period:

   + Students must pay the difference in tuition fees (if any) at the time they return to school

   + Students will be refunded 60% of the reserved fees in case of dropping out of school

- You are eligible to transfer to another school under NHG system but the discount ratio and posted tuition fees will be applied accordingly to the school.

- Apply for students from kindergarten to 12 grade- Fully payment before deadline

- Free of charge for tuition fees during the investment package period. Others fee such as enrolment fees, boarding fees, residential fees, kits, books, shuttle bus, support fees, etc. will be paid according to official fees published by the school annually.

- Transfer:
  + Can be transferred to other parents who have not studied at IEC. Particularly, siblings who are studying at IEC are still transferred.
  + One person for one time only with transfer fee is 10% of the total amount of the investment package and unlimited transfer times
  + Total duration of the contract life cycle (including transfer) is equal to the time of successful investment package that parents bought but maximum 17 years (from 1 year to 18 years; SGA, iSchool investment package).

- Convert
  + To be converted to other schools in the IEC system (if the total tuition fees in other schools in the IEC system more than the remaining value of the first investment package, the parent must pay the difference. And vice versa, if its less than, the parents can convert for other service in IEC corresponding to the difference amount).
  + Only convert one time for another school in the IEC system, the conversion fee is 10% of the total value of the investment package.
  + Installment interest payment of 0% up to 144 months, in the form of bank loans with property mortgages (real estate).

- After the investment package term (**) 100% of the paid amount is refunded; and only apply from the 7th year onwards; the refund amount calculated on the total value of the investment package divided by 12 and multiplied by the number of remaining years to be repaid (the number of years of reimbursable rounds) minus any other fees (if any) that the student has studied at every time; after 12 years 100% refund.

(*) Parents pay for the reservation and complete the cost within the investment package.

(**) The term of the investment package is explained as follows:

- 5-year investment package is the period after 5 years;

- Investment package for 6 years is the period after 6 years;

- A 12-year investment package is a maximum of 12 years or a grade of 12.
  + Buy a 12-year package, if your child is going to study abroad or has a good reason and is approved by the General Director of NHG: (i) before 6 years will be refunded 50% * (Investment package amount); (ii) after 6 years, the money refund will be = (Investment package amount) / (12) * (The remaining time)"

- Documents are includes:

  + Fill-in Form

  + Deposit receipt

  + Contract between IEC & parents/ Contract between parents & Bank

  + Certificate of Investment package.

  + Entrance Test

- Form:

  + 1st step: Parents pay deposit with an amount of 5 million VND.

  + 2nd step: Parents pay 10% of the total amount of investment package and sign on contract within 15 days from the date of paying deposit.

  + 3rd step: Parents pay more than 20% of the total amount of investment package within 30 days from signing date

  + 4th step: Within 30 days but before 30 Jun 2019, parents must pay the remaining amount equal to 70% of total package

Prestige and responsibility are priority focus of IEC. Therefore, we ensure the progress of enrolling, opening classes and teaching quality as commitment to parents

- Facilities include swimming pool, tennis courts, football fields, multi-purpose hall, botanical gardens, trampoline, golf course. Fee for using facilities is 5,000,000 VND per year 2019 – 2020. Students are allowed to use for free during class.

Outside the classroom, use for each area is as follows:

  + Students from SNA: Free of charge

  + Students from UKA: All facilities, except trampoline and golf course

  + Students from SGA & iSchool: Pay for usage

Usage fee will be informed later

- For SGA: From 12 months.
- For iSchool, UKA, SNA: From 6 to 18 years old

IEC will decide depending on capacity and operational status of IEC at each stage.

29 seat bus with accompanied nanny will pick up students at home.

- IEC was developed by investor NHG which 19 years of establishment and more than 10 years of experience in education. Currently, IEC is a comprehensive education ecosystem from K to Phd., including 365 educational institutions has been present in 15 provinces nationwide, with more than 40,000 students and nearly 3,000 staff.

- IEC is a pioneer in the field of education socialization, with the support and maximum facilitation of departments. The evidence is from the People's Committee of Quang Ngai province already granted a certificate of investment to IEC for implementation.

- IEC is a strategic partner of sponsors like Sacombank and Vietinbank, in addition, contract between IEC with parents is legal basis to recognize the responsibilities & obligations of both parties.

Students are eligible to transfer 1 time only to similar school under IEC system with equal conditions and quality, but you're liable for a transfer fee of 10% of the total value of investment package.

The curriculum of IEC is followed by MOET and already got approval from MOET.

Sure but unlimited object.

- Kindergarten

  There are 3 programs includes Main course (Language, Maths, Science, Physical, shaping, music, entertainment activities); ESL and Reinforcement (Physical Education such as swimming, martial arts; Aerobic; MfLMs; GT-KNS, ICT and JA (For Kindy 5)) combined with advanced teaching method today such early education method, multi-sensory method, experiences method, multi-intelligence development method, on-project training method to well-prepare solid basement for children to enter Grade 1.

- Secondary School


   In addition to framework of learning of Vietnam MoET, students are eligible to study Intensive English Program and integrated and supplementary subjects (Physical Education named "Improve stature"; Living value – Life skills; LCM Music (London College of Music); ICT 4.0; Junior Achievement, Effective Reading Program). Through education activities as well as regular experience will help them to form the quality and capacity of a 5H student - a global citizen.


  Similar to iSchool program, but there are 2 differences:

    + Student study program with Cambridge standard (English – Maths – Science) and UK Pre-University.

    + 50% learning time in English.


  SNA is an international program which is entirely teaches in English.

  Students have a chance to select extra-learning program or integrated program as follow:

     + Training programme by the standards of the MoET for who want to study 2 programs.

     + Extra-program for students such JA, LCM music, ect.