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Complete english program at SNA provides a well-rounded education to students from preschool to 12th grade according to international premium standards. The international education system is totally operated and trained in accordance with international education organizations which has been reputable for the past 15 years, pursuing the vision of “Future Leaders”,

SNA provides education from grades 1 to 12 under the curriculum of American diploma and the communication environment totally in English.

The school is organized and operated on a mission: SNA trains a generation of students who know how to collaborate and contribute positively and effectively to not only the school but also to the social community.

SNA provides an ideal learning environment with a learner-centred philosophy, focused on developing efficient communicators, socially responsible citizens, critical thinkers that face challenges. SNA looks forward to inspire and develop students to be able to meet the challenges that are happening in the surrounding world through curriculum and learning environment.

To realize that vision, well-qualified teachers from Vietnam and international teachers who passionately and effectively deliver SNA’s educational programs which is leading students to be successful in life, mature thinkers, and socially responsible citizens.

Learning Environment

Microbiology lab

Computer room


Music room

Football field

Swimming pool

Sports hall

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  • Math
  • Languages
  • Natural Sciences
  • And others subjects following the graduation principle of each program


  • Literature
  • Science and experiments
  • Grammar and writing
  • Math
  • Social science and history
  • And others subjects following the graduation principle of each program
  • Optional programs: psychology; sociology; health; computer science; painting; physical education; drama.
  • University-level programs and advanced courses: math; biology, chemistry; computers; etc.


  • Ethical education
  • Learning support
  • Reading comprehension program
  • Vocal exercises
  • Student’s community
  • Fine arts


  • Field Trips
  • Festivals
  • Story telling
  • SNA’s Got Talent
  • Sports activities
  • SLO’s day
  • MC training
  • Clubs (sports, art, future leaders)

Board of educators

SNA's teacher

Teacher Tran Duy Linh

For more than 12 months working as an academic advisor at SNA, I was really impressed by the way each team member works. People care about each other like family members. I feel lucky to work with them.

SNA's teacher

Teacher Nguyen Trung Kien

SNA is a family where I always get the attention and help from everyone. Not only students, but for me, every school day is a fun day, a meaningful day. The dynamism and desire of the students is the motivation for me to love my career and try harder.

SNA's teacher

Teacher Kate Louis Bittle

I have been teaching at SNA for three years! Students, teachers, staff, parents and NHG all work hard to create the best learning atmosphere for students. The school is always student-centered and that's why I love this school.

SNA's teacher

Teacher Marjan Kasraei

At SNA, I not only enjoy every great working moment with the staff but also learn about the school's consistent vision in preparing the foundation for the success of students in learning and life regardless of background, ethnicity or different views.


Early birds scholarship

- Completing the main course of 1 time 1 year study before June 30th, 2021 will be supported up to 30% of tuition.

Investment package for tuition

- Attractive 5-year, 6-year, 12-year investment packages with 0% interest installment policy for 144 months and up to 50% savings (completing the main course  before June 30th, 2020).

- Parents are refunded 100% of the value after the end of the investment package period. 

Please contact the Hotline: 0255 730 1188 or leave information for detailed advice.

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