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  • Provide the Health Care for students: Take care for students with illness, fever, tiredness in accordance with the Procedures of nursing students
  • Check food safety condition.
  • Health Care training courses: Train the staff, teachers with the basic first aid. Provides students with basic safety knowledge (how to move, play, live safely, observe and recognize danger signs, alert for risks, etc.). Train the students with the oral hygiene.
  • Plan to weigh, measure, exam the eyes for students and then store the health check.
  • Make the records in accordance with the rules to be ready for the inspection and checking
  • Monitoring of inputing and outpuing medical equipment.
  • Ensure the classroom hygiene and surrounding, water, food, etc. as assigned by the law and the company for the health.
  • Plan and implement it for giving the instruction of nutrition, hygiene and disease prevention for staff, teacher
  • Update and timely implement the situation and measures of disease prevention according to the campaign of the school, the Government.
  • Report: monthly statement of health care for students, monthly using medical equipment, monthly statement of food safety condition.
  • Perform other tasks as required by the superior


  • Graduate from Intermediate level in major of Health/Medical Care or above.
  • Female from 18 to 50 years old.
  • Have 02-year experience of Health Staff or equivalent.
  • Have a good health, be friendly, have high responsibility, integrity, honor, proactive, pleasing personality.
  • Computer literate and have good communication skills.

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