ESL Expat Teacher

  • Academic

  • Administration Centre

  • K-12

  • 2

  • Competitive salary package for middle management level

Administrative responsibilities

  • Follow the labor contract
  • Follow the guidance and requisition of ESL Head Teacher
  • Report directly to ESL Head Teacher
  • Clock in and clock out for attendance
  • Participate and collaborate in the organization of school events or Marketing events as required with advanced notice
  • Be responsible of writing assessments about students’ academic performance as required
  • Represent in a positive manner and not make derogatory/negative comments to students, parents or colleagues
  • Attend Parents-Teacher Meetings as required
  • Attend school meetings, academic meetings and training workshops as required
  • Take part in professional events, meetings or PR – Marketing upon request.
  • Plan ESL extra-curricular activities
  • Support and mentor new teachers in demonstration lessons and observe other classes upon request
  • Observe other ESL teachers (Giving feedback only, no comment or evaluation)
  • Coordinate with ESL Homeroom Teacher and Head Teacher Representative to solve incidents happening at school and submitting them to the School Management.
  • Collaborate with ESL teachers at school to organize activities for ESL Department
  • Follow school’s dress code: adhere to “Code of Ethics & Conduct”
  • No private tutoring for UK Academy students
  • Update daily, weekly to-do list into iPortal
  • Support in editing the content on the website of the school

Academic Responsibilities

  • Prepare lesson plans before the class
  • Teach as schedule including: (Regular program using textbooks and Extra-Curricular Activities)
  • Follow the course outlines
  • Design tests upon request (computerized and hard copies
  • Follow the guidance and requisition of ESL Head Teacher
  • Be responsible for marking the tests of classes which the teacher is in charge of teaching
  • Follow the schedules which are given by the ESL Head Teacher
  • Prepare and submit the lesson plans on time
  • Keep confidential documents of the school such as: teaching curriculum, students’ information, tests, course outlines
  • Contribute expertise to improve the quality of the education of the school
  • Substitute for other teachers’ classes as requested
  • Extra-support for weak and outstanding students as required.


  • Proven experience on teaching Cambridge/IELTS
  • BA/TESOL/TKT/FCE in teaching method or equivalent
  • Good pronunciation
  • Have high responsibility, integrity, honor, proactive, pleasing personality
  • Passion about learning and improving yourself
  • Have experience in teaching
  • Computer literate

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